About Us

A Growing Creative
Design & Strategy Studio

For Eye Clinic and Professional Growth.

Our success is determined by your success


To empower Nigerian Optometric Eye Clinics, and Rising Professionals through design & strategy for great patient experience and eye clinic growth.


To become a one-stop creative design and strategy agency for Nigerian Optometric Eye Clinics and Rising Professionals at no cost barrier.

For the next generation of Eyecare Clinics & Rising Professionals.

Eye health consumer needs abound but there is a need to strategically meet those needs through creative and innovative solutions for today’s consumer.

We will collaborate with you for the ultimate customer experience through design and strategy.


Okwukwe Davis

Optometrist/Digital Strategist

Hello, I am Okwukwe Davis. StarRose is a platform to help Nigerian Optometric Eye Clinics discover growth.

I got into web design and digital marketing strategy while waiting for eye patients in Saudi Arabia.

Practicing optometry since 2002 got monotonous so I began a new phase of self-discovery.

Meanwhile, always online I began to notice the awesome entrepreneurial creativity of my Nigerian Optometrist colleagues, small businesses and rising professionals. Plenty of ideas, scarce strategies.

For vision actualization, you need compelling planning and strategy.

To give you the best solutions, I got a Professional Certification in Digital Strategy and Planning, from Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland and Accredited Advanced Diplomas in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy, Ireland. 

I did a verified specialization certificate in Strategic Business Management and Leadership from the University of Illinois Coursera platform.

In addition, I have taken more than 25 verified certifications in the areas of Graphic Design, Business Management, Healthcare Management, and Web Design.

I can now help communicate your vision or ideas effectively.



15 Years Experience

Web & Graphics

I love to Create


For Optimal Value


Leading Innovations


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Micheal Jordan



A Family Think-Tank

Chinaka Davis

Chinaka Davis

Print Management

Very experienced Print Management Expert


Amaka OkwyDavis

Amaka OkwyDavis

Script Editing

Experienced Educator & English language teacher



Design thinking by putting the users first and growth-driven strategy by taking a step by step approach, iterating, hearing and growing.


Website Design

Your website should serve your target audience and work for you. You need a website that is not just impressive but delivers on set objectives.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is more than just about selling. It helps you attract, engage and retain your target audience with relevant value.


Branding Strategy

Your professional brand needs a unique identity that emotionally connects with your target patients or audience and reflects your mission.


Optometric Management

A well-researched management strategy will help position your eyecare business at a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Philosophy


StarRose was adopted from the name of a woman with great entrepreneurial insight and exceptional human kindness. A woman who bore seven nations; five men and two women, while contributing in no small measure to the development of generations of other men and women.

Stella-Rose whom her contemporaries call Star is a woman of purity and substance. Enterprising and industrious, her main passion is to give value and joy through creativity and collaborations. That’s why orange and black are the StarRose brand colors. Orange signifies enthusiasm and creativity which she demonstrates, while Black for trust, class, and reliability which she embodies.


Inspired by the humane entrepreneurial spirit of Stella-Rose IhentugeStarRose believes…

In the power of starting small but dreaming big.

In being real rather than perfect, but always collaborating.

In taking risks and breaking rules, but learning from mistakes.

In viewing everything as an experiment, but seeing it as a journey rather than the destination.

In talking with people rather than at them.

In celebrating simplicity, but elevating style. In loving what we do.


With a small beginning, StarRose is continuously developing to serve you optimally. You can only try us to grade us!

We can help you craft a connected set of choices that altogether gives you or your eye care business a strategic position in any chosen domain. This at the same time creates a sustainable relative advantage with superior returns.

We can help you specify and effectively utilize the optimum digital tools and channels to advance and support your strategy and vision. In areas where greater expertise is required above our promise to you, StarRose will not hesitate to outsource to the best experts.

Our aim: Collaborate to empower you through strategic thinking for compelling designs.

  • Branding Strategy – 90%
  • Web Design & Management – 77%
  • Graphic Design – 85%
  • Content Strategy – 85%
  • Email Marketing – 80%
  • Healthcare Management – 95%
  • Inbound Marketing – 90%
  • Search Engine Optimization – 90%

Why StarRose?

Creative directions from an Optometrist/Digital Marketing Strategist trained in Web Design, Graphic Design and Healthcare Management. We don’t hesitate to collaborate with an extensive network of creative talents and experts when your projects require additional skill sets. StarRose does this with no cost barrier.