Your Website Audit: Ultimate Ways to Skyrocket Website Conversions

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You are investing in your online business’s future when you leverage your website audit, as more than just a regular checkup.

You are Investing in your online business’s future when you leverage your website audit, which is more than just a regular checkup

These days, a website is not just an extension of your business; it is the business itself. It is the most important part of your online profile, so how well it works can make the difference between staying the same and growing.

However, many businesses miss one important step that can turn their website from a static brochure into a powerful money-making machine: a full website audit.

It is easier to make websites now that AI tools are available. A well-designed website is more than just typing in a question or putting together different parts of a template. It has to be useful, both for the business and the people it is meant for. It ought to be an asset, not a liability.

I have been focused on helping small businesses and eye clinics with purpose-driven websites powered by value-driven digital marketing. In the course of my work, many clients come to me thinking they need a pretty website because they saw one somewhere.

Working together to fix all the technical details and brand purpose has always turned websites into valuable tools for the brands I work with. My easy but important goal is to make your website brand-aligned and a conversion powerhouse.

There is more to this article than just a checklist. It is a plan based on years of knowledge and success that will skyrocket your website conversion rate.

Outlined are the important but often forgotten parts of your website that might be holding it back.

From making the user experience better to ensuring you get the most sales, we will talk about useful, doable ways to ensure your website looks great and works hard to reach your business goals.

Read on to find out how to make your website more than just a tool but an asset that helps you reach your business goals.

We can work together to make your website more effective at turning visitors into customers.


1. Getting good at external links

Why it is important: External links are like a handshake between your website and the rest of the internet. They build trust and are very important for SEO.

Action Tip: Add links to trustworthy and related websites to give more information or support claims. You can find trustworthy websites with the help of tools like Moz’s Domain Analysis.

2. Making the most of internal linking

Why it is important: Internal links are more than just a way to get around; they are also great for SEO and keeping users interested.

Action Tip: To keep people interested, link to related information on other parts of your site. Use anchor text that is descriptive and includes important keywords. Yoast SEO has great advice on how to write good link text.

3. Setting up links to open in a new window

Why it is important: It is important to keep people on your site—you do not want to send them away right away!

Action Tip: Make sure that foreign links open in new tabs. You can find an easy guide on W3Schools on how to do this in HTML.

4. Good content formatting for your website audit

Why it is important: People who read online skip the text. Skimmable formatting makes people more interested and helps them remember things.

Action Tip: Use bullet points, short lines, and bold text. The Hemingway App can help you write content that is clear and to the point.

5. Using the Right Heading Hierarchy

Why it is important: Headings can change your SEO rankings because they help Google understand how your page is structured.

Action Tip: Use H1, H2, and other headers to organize your text. Google’s SEO Starter Guide gives you tips on how to use it correctly.

URLs and Permalinks for Effective Website Audit

6. Making URLs that are good for SEO

Why it is important: URLs are a small but important part of SEO. They should be detailed and full of keywords.

Action Tip: Change your permalinks so they match the text of the page. Setting these up correctly can be helped by tools like WordPress Permalink Settings.

7. Keeping the integrity of the trackbacks

Why it is important: Changing URLs can make things harder for users and hurt your SEO.

Action Tip: Set up a stable URL system right away. For information on how to keep URLs safe, see Google’s Best Practices.

Website Image Optimization


 8. Making Alt Tags Work Better for Images

Why it is important: By telling search engines about pictures, alt tags improve accessibility and SEO.

Action Tip: Add important keywords to the alt tags of images. You can follow Adobe’s Guide to adding metadata to pictures to do this.

9. The Right Ways to Link Images

Why it is important: When pictures are linked correctly, they can improve the user experience and help with SEO.

Action Tip: Make sure pictures link to the right pages or are not linked at all if they are not needed. Find out more about how to properly link pictures in WordPress.

10. Picking the Right Size for the Picture

Why it is important: Image size affects how long it takes to load, which affects both SEO and user experience.

Action Tip: Reduce the size and quality of your pictures without changing them in any way. File size can be cut down with tools like TinyPNG or Compessor.io

11. Getting ready for social media

Why it is important: Social media is a great way to get more people to see and interact with your content.

Action Tip: Make pictures and meta tags social media-friendly. Canva has templates that you can use to make images for social media that look good.

Basic Search Engine Optimization 

12. Putting in an XML sitemap for Google Search Engine Optimization

Why it is important: Google can find and analyze your pages better with sitemaps.

Action Tip: You can make a sitemap with the Yoast SEO tool and send it to Google through the Google Search Console.

13. Researching keywords for your website content audit

Why it is important: Keywords are the most important part of SEO because they help bring in specific visitors.

Action Tip: Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find good keywords that are related to your writing.

Aligned content and keywords across your website, powered by your digital marketing efforts enhance SEO, improving visibility. This is one of the essential website growth strategies to help you drive awesome growth.

14. Writing titles and meta descriptions that are optimized

Why it is important: These factors have a direct effect on the number of clicks from search results.

Action Tip: Use your goal keywords in interesting meta descriptions and titles. Read HubSpot’s Guide to learn how to do things right.

15. Make your website better by updating its content and security regularly

Why it is important: Keeping your website’s material up-to-date and its security tight not only keeps your platform safe, but it also shows search engines and users that you are a trustworthy source. Regular changes help fix security holes and bring your content up to date, which can help your SEO and keep users interested.

Action Tip: Review your content and protection settings once a month. Keep your protection up to date and check with tools like Sucuri. Make sure that everything on your site, from blog posts to the main page, is up-to-date and useful.

16. The importance of regular backups and system updates 

Why it is important: Backing up your website regularly keeps a copy of its data safe in case it gets lost due to an attack or a system failure. Updating your system makes sure that your website works well and stays suitable with new technologies.

Action Tip: To make backups happen automatically, use tools like UpdraftPlus for WordPress. To keep everything running at its best, set a calendar alert to check for and install system changes once a month.

17. Getting users more engaged

Why it is important: Comments let you talk to your audience directly and give you information about their wants and needs. Responding to comments builds a community and makes it easier for users to talk to each other, which can lead to more loyal customers and repeat trips.

Action Tip: Set aside time once a week to read and react to comments. Manage and moderate comments well with tools like Disqus to make sure your users are in a good place.

Technical Website Audit


18. Make sure the admin username is safe

Why it is important: A strong admin username is the first thing that will keep people from getting in without permission. Brute force attacks start with easy-to-guess usernames like “admin.”

Action Tip: Change your admin username to something more difficult to guess. Safe usernames and passwords can be made and saved with tools like LastPass. To keep hackers away, also make sure that your WordPress settings are set up to limit the number of login tries.

19. Importance of a cache plugin and its benefits

A cache plugin can make your website load faster, enhance user experience, and lighten the load on your computer. This is especially helpful for sites that get a lot of traffic.

Action Tip: Use a cache tool like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. These plugins are well known for how well they speed up WordPress sites by saving cached versions of your pages.

20. Why regular core updates are important

Why it is important: It is very important to keep your website’s core, themes, and plugins up to date for security and usefulness reasons. Updates often include fixes for security holes and improvements that make things run faster.

Action Tip: You can set a regular time to check for changes or, better yet, turn on auto-updates.

You can keep track of changes for multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard with platforms like ManageWP. This way, you will never miss an important update.

For an even easier way to take care of updates, you may need to get a service like SiteGround Powerful Web Hosting that does them for you.


21. The Dangers of Using Unstable Plugins

Why it is important: Plugins can add new features to your site, but using plugins that are not well-written or are out of date can make your site less secure and slower.

 Action Tip: Check your plugins often to verify they come from trusted authors and get updates regularly.

You can find out about the plugins’ trustworthiness in the WordPress Plugin Directory, which has user reviews and a history of updates. Take down the ones that are regularly updated or have bad reviews.

Content is King For Your Website Audit Success


22. Promise to Write Original Content

Why it is important: You become an authority in your area when you have unique, useful content that sets you apart from other bloggers. It is also very important for SEO and keeping users interested.

Action Tip: Use Trello or Google Calendar to make a content calendar that will help you plan and share original content regularly. Make sure that all of your work is original before you publish it by using Copyscape.

A vital strategy never to be ignored if you are to get your website’s best results is to always draw in potential clients by keeping your site awash in fresh content 

23. Making Calls to Action (CTAs) That Work

Why it is important: Calls to action (CTAs) are very important for getting people to do what you want them to do, like sign up for newsletters, download tools, or buy something. They turn visitors who are not doing anything into involved participants and leads.

Action Tip: Check the call to action on your website to make sure they are clear and convincing.

Use A/B testing tools like Optimizely to try out different forms. Make sure that every page has a call to action that fits with your business goals.

If you carefully follow these steps during your website audit, you can greatly increase not only traffic but also real engagement, which will lead to more sales. In addition, this helps your viewers trust and believe in you.

Wrap-Up on Your Website Audit

Finally, a full website audit is more than just a regular checkup; it is an important investment in the future of your business online.

By using the ideas and tips in “Your Website Audit: Ultimate Ways to Skyrocket Website Conversions,” you are not only making it easier for people to interact with your site, but you are also making it possible for your business to grow significantly. 

Remember that every part of your site serves a purpose, from the way your URLs are set up to the way your content is shown. To turn visitors into loyal customers, they are very important. Take the time to make a website that works perfectly and looks great.

If you act on these expert suggestions right away, your website will quickly become a strong base for making money.

Okwukwe Davis Ihentuge

Written By Dr.Okwukwe Davis

Okwukwe Davis is an Optometrist, Digital Marketer, and Web Design Strategist. Aside his primary eyecare profession, he is committed to helping Eyecare Businesses, SMEs and Professional Brands discover awesome brand growth with Web Design aligned with Branding and Digital Marketing Strategies.

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