7 Reasons Why You Need Prints in Your Marketing Mix to Drive Brand Growth

Okwukwe Davis
Aug 31, 2021

Adding prints to your marketing mix is a sure way to drive brand growth that will be sustainable. Print is not dead and many still  people prefer it. In fact, many organizations and businesses can’t operate without print. Even with all the digital advancements,  print is still something very important organizations like banks can’t do without. Recently, to open an account for my kids, I had to fill a lot of forms. Apart from helping me get the service I wanted, always seeing their materials on my table and other places in my house, kept them in my mind. I could easily not only notice their brand personality but see and feel them.

Some research has shown print as a highly effective medium for building brand trust. this of course leads to brand growth. Also, a high percentage of consumers who see your print materials will eventually visit your webpage therefore helping drive traffic to your website. According to FinanceOnline


of 18 – 23 year-olds still see it more convenient to read print content than digital content.

Printed materials are still indispensable. They can make your marketing strategies more tangible. When aligned with digital strategies,  prints can amplify your brand identity. which leads to sustainable brand growth. It helps to easily engage with your target customers and build valuable business relationships. 

If you are run a business, an eye clinic, or even developing your personal brand, print remains an effective and important tool you should not shove aside. For your company or organization to drive competitive business growth, print media should be part of your brand strategy. Even with the advancement in technology, well-designed printed materials aligned to your brand strategy will never go out in style. Your print media could include brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, souvenirs, booklets, etc. How and when to incorporate any print marketing strategy into your business should always start with a clearly defined objective. As writing is one of our previous articles – 6 Must-Do Steps For An Effective Brand Strategy

An effective brand strategy starts with a clarity of purpose

Below are 7 ways including some of these print media in your marketing mix can help drive your brand growth.

1. Print can help you drive leads online 

It’s a catalyst to help people seek to know you more online. To achieve this you must put your website links on the print copy and maintain brand consistency 

2. Print helps you reach a wider audience leading to brand growth.

This can be most especially effective when used with digital. Depending only on search engine optimization strategies to drive traffic to your website is a long-term project. Complimenting all SEO efforts with print along with other marketing strategies surely gives you a wider reach.

3. Print gives you an opportunity to stand out.

While others may think they only need websites or other digital assets, you can position yourself or your business to be strategically different. Imagine a scenario in which another person is trying to look for pen and paper to write down business information while you immediately hand out your branded complimentary card. 

4. Print gives you an opportunity to show you care.

It means to your customers that you took time to produce something they can keep, access easily, and reference anytime without much digital constraints or distractions. 

5. Print allows you to create visually striking and easily shareable brand assets 

A printed catalog, leaflet, flyer, complimentary card, brochure, etc remains visually noticeable. It is also very easy to hand over to another person with no need for internet 

6. Print is cost-effective in driving brand growth. 

Just like some other marketing strategies, you can start at a low-cost level with prints that communicate your message 

7. Print is all about your message for your customers 

No other digital distractions like pop-up ads, email forms to fill, adverts, notifications, etc. It’s all about the message tailored to your target audience. Brand growth is guaranteed as more meaningful relationships are developed.

Wrapping it up

To drive business brand growth, every business entrepreneur or small business owner needs to strategically incorporate print materials. They will help you.

  • Attract visitors to your website.
  • Reach a wider audience.
  • Show your customers you care.
  • Create something visually conspicuous and easily sharable. 
  • Communicate on a light budget
  • Pass information with fewer digital distractions.

Contact Us when you need to brand, design, or print your ideas to life. Together we can explore ideas to discover growth possibilities. You can also Book a Free Discovery Call with Okwukwe Davis – Optometrist/Design Strategist, to get started in creating an effective brand experience for your target audience.


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