11 Social Media Don’ts Your Business Brand Should Know

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social media don'ts

Social media don’ts help you know what to avoid in your social media strategy, giving you the opportunity to continue to deliver an awesome experience that leads to business growth.  To achieve this goal, it is not enough to know the DOs, you must also know what not to do- the DONTs. Social media are platforms for helping you attract, engage, retain and build meaningful brand relationships. To succeed in growing your business through social media is to embrace the DOs and avoid the DON’Ts. This way, your brand gets established in the minds of your audience. Read on to see the social media DONTs you must avoid if you want to transform your business.

1. Don’t Forget To Check Spellings Before Social Media Postings.

Incorrect spelling, and inappropriate language structure in your written content can paint your brand black. Such careless mistakes when too many can convey your brand as unserious and incompetent. Keeping away from this is pretty much as easy as checking to spell and editing your content before you post. If you find it hard, check out some writing tools to fast-track your editing and proofreading. Such essential writing and editing tools can serve as a second read before you publish your content. They help you come up with high-quality content that projects your brand as reputable.

2. Don’t Forget To Use Appropriate Social Media Platform-Designed Posts

Various social media platforms differ in the nature of the content that trends in them. Long-written content can be good for Facebook, and Linkedin, but not for Twitter. Short-written content thrives more on Twitter, while video content excels more on Instagram and Tik Tok. Taking your business on social media and sharing content also requires you to take these into consideration to achieve engagement and visibility. Don’t forget it. 

Also, consider the social media image size specifications for all networks. You don’t need to be a great designer to achieve this. Some design software like Canva is an excellent alternative to Adobe Photoshop. The good news is, Canva has a free version that is more than good enough for a start.

All the same, if you are focused on the more important aspect of growing your brand, you can outsource to us at starrosedesigns.

3. Don’t Fall For Social Media Trolls.

Sometimes, this may be difficult, but you have to learn it. It’s easy to succumb to impolite or gaslighting remarks from clients or other social media users. This is a vital social media don’t you should know and avoid. These tips boil down to keeping your business professional despite the medium. Treat your social media audience like a furious client in your physical shop. Give them extraordinary client care. The best recipe for managing this issue is to respond peacefully regardless of the circumstance. Quickly refer to your social media manager or customer service, in a case where any audience throws in derogatory remarks if you can’t handle it. And do not fall for the trap of trolling.

4. Don’t Write In All Capital Letters.

Know that the tone of writing and the setting of your words matter to your audience. It can seem disturbing to readers when too many words are written in all capitals. It conveys forcefulness or even furious emotions. Your audience does not need to know you are upset at home, thus writing all caps on your business account. It can tarnish your brand tone and ruin your brand perception. When angry, don’t make any posts. When sharing content, use words aptly. It says how stable your brand tone can be. There are also many more reasons Why ALL CAPS Is Usually a Bad Idea.

social media emojis

5. Don’t Misuse Social Media Emojis 

Using emojis isn’t bad. It’s normal for brands to utilize emoticons in social media, as a way to express their points and communicate with their audience. Prior to posting something that has emoticons, ensure the emojis really imply what you actually intend to share. Using plenty of emoticons at once can have different meanings. It can raise eyebrows for your audience. Remember you are a brand.

6. Don’t Ask For Retweets and Follows Carelessly.

Avoid pleading with your Facebook friends to “like” your page every week or asking your Twitter followers to “please retweet” all the time. It is completely appropriate to inform your personal account followers of your company pages and the benefits of following you. But exercise caution. You can still complete those duties, but it would be better if you earned them by creating valuable, engaging material.

7. Don’t Spam On Social Media

It’s fine to retweet, like, comment, post, and share, but do so in moderation. Nobody wants a single account to dominate their social media feeds. For example, don’t join 20 LinkedIn groups and post the same self-promotional message in each one, then never interact with the members again. Follow random Twitter users in the hopes that they will follow you back. Post promotional content in areas where self-promotion is not permitted. You don’t want to leave that impression.

8. Don’t Keep Resharing The Same Message

Consider yourself in the shoes of your followers. Would you want to receive the same message from the people or pages you follow on a daily basis? Taking the same social post and repeatedly sharing it on the same networks is both lazy and impolite. Get creative with your delivery if you want to revisit previous content. Instead of reposting the same thing, try rephrasing it or using a different image.

9. Don’t Share On Social Media Without Adequate Research.

Social media networks make it extremely simple to share content from another account. With a constant barrage of content and information coming at you, it’s easy to forget that some of it comes from questionable sources or even bots. Sharing content is frequently interpreted as an endorsement of that content and of the user who posted it, so be cautious about what you share — it could become part of your brand.

Before you click the share or retweet button, make sure you’re comfortable being associated with the account that shared the information. Many businesses have shared information that was not properly vetted and turned out to be false or shared by a company or person with a shady history.

social media metrics

10. Don’t Just Chase Social Media Counts.

It’s important to remember that raising brand awareness and expanding your network takes time. We understand how easy it is to get caught up in the numbers game, but try not to. While having a large number of followers can be beneficial, quality should take precedence over quantity.

If you have 1,000 Twitter followers, but half of them are spam accounts, your tweets are being delivered to a non-existent audience. So, instead of worrying about your follower count, focus on providing engaging content for your audience.

Remember some of these numbers are referred to as  “vanity metrics” which include impressions, “likes,” shares, comments, followers, open rates, views, traffic, time on site, bounce rate, and more.

11. Don’t Automate Without Human Strategy.

Make sure you change the voice of the message if you are using the same content across your social channels (which you can!). Posting on multiple social media channels simultaneously may seem like a time-saving option, but avoid it. Adapt your message to the audience and purpose of each social media network.

Wrapping All Up

Having a good knowledge of these Social Media Don’ts and avoiding them will go a long way in helping you create the appropriate awareness for your brand. Of course, these must go hand in hand with the social media dos Discover The 8 Dos For a Successful Social Media Post.

Do not fail to contact us if you still feel overwhelmed with all the DOs and DONTs of social media strategy. StarRose can manage your social media by posting engaging content to your social platforms and assist you to develop an effective social media strategy. 

Just contact us or book a free discovery call with our Design Strategist and we will start a journey of Raising Your Star. 

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