Discover The 8 Dos For a Successful Social Media Post.

Dr.Okwukwe Davis
Sep 23, 2022

Social media, just like any other form of media, has some unique code of conduct. These Dos and Don’ts are especially true for business brands who want to utilize the space to reach more potential clients and build their brand. It is not far-fetched or hard to keep. All you need to do is know and abide by them, then watch your business soar. 

Here are 8 Dos you should know while using social media to push your business brand.

1. Stick To Your Brand Message.

You are on social media for business brand development. The Ultimate Guide to Branding in 2022, Hubspot implied branding as  “an iterative process and requires getting in touch with the heart of your customers and your business.”

It, therefore, becomes a misplaced priority of objective if you allow your brand to engage in unnecessary gist on social media platforms, veering off your main brand message. Such unprofessional engagement can give rise to brand message distortion. 

Having a social media presence for your brand isn’t sufficient; you ought to leverage it appropriately. This you can do by consistently spelling out your brand message, and standing by it while connecting with your audience on a friendly level. 

To achieve this, you ought to define your objectives and goals for your online presence and follow it. When utilized aptly, social media can evoke brand awareness for your business, and help you maintain a suitable brand voice.

2. Use Fitting and Attractive Images

“A picture speaks a thousand words.” With the right images, you can capture the attention of your audience without writing much. This is especially the case with the ever-reducing attention span of today’s social media users.

Our brains are very fast in processing images. This means humans communicate and assimilate information through images more than written content. As the world continues to move at a very fast pace, your brand will do well to utilize images that are pixel-perfect, compelling, and aligned with your message.

Make sure to use images that are compelling if you want to drive more engagement with your social media posts. Thank God, you must not engage a professional or invest in expensive software to start. A great starting point is Canva which can be an awesome alternative to Adobe suites. All the same, if you want to drive more growth through a robust social media strategy, while you focus on running your business, Get In Touch With Us.

3. Use Image Size Specific To Each Social Media Platform.

It is not enough to choose images that are attractive and on brand. Avoid frustrating your audience with images that don’t show appropriately on social media platforms. 

When you make an awesome image but do not appropriately optimize it, part of the image will get cut off or stretched on social media platforms. This is also the case even if they are optimized for one social media platform but shared in another. 

For instance, sharing an image designed for Instagram on Twitter will display a distorted image. This makes it difficult for your audience to appreciate the message and could make them not engage.

These images can change without notice but never worry. From Instagram to Twitter and to most major networks Hootsuite has taken the pains to create an indispensable resource – 2022 Social Media Image Sizes for All Networks [CHEATSHEET]. Grab it for keeps.

4. Share Helpful Content

The advantage of sharing important content on your social media business account is to build everlasting brand loyalty. Sharing intriguing content about your business is the best way to make your clients draw into your brand, and want more and more. Sharing helpful content is pertinent not just because it solves the problems of your target audience, but it expands your brand Influence on your audience, increasing brand loyalty. Always remember to continuously provide a good experience that helps keep their attention.


5. Understand Your Audience.

This is the first rule in building your brand on social media. It is key to realising who your brand is serving. Who needs your brand’s services? What do they do? Who are they, and how willing are they to patronize your brand? From their replies and engagements in your social media posts, you will be able to understand who your audience is – whether they fall into your desired target audience’s profile, or not. This helps ensure you’re speaking to the right audience who needs your brand’s services. Most importantly, it enables you to discover and separate your consumers (who only feed on your content) from your customers (target audience willing to patronize your brand).

6. Differentiate Your Personal Account from Your Business Account.

This will save you from damaging your brand image, especially when clients find it challenging to differentiate your brand voice. Ordinarily, people will use their personal social media accounts to put out chats, or content about their personal lives, and family issues. These are not to be associated with your business account. To avoid this mix-up of your personal interaction with your business matters, ensure to set up totally a different account for your business. Keep your personal social media account different from your business account, and you are one bit nearer to building an awesome brand perception on social media.

7. Engage With Other Brands On Social Media Platforms.

Engagement is needed in the streets of social media to build strong brand visibility. Rising engagement is essential for a beneficial social media conversation to happen. The fact remains that: engagement is a two-way road. It implies that a business should often engage with its audiences and other brands on social media. As a business person on social media, this shows warm reception and openness to new connections. Engage more.

8. Engage, Learn and Optimise Your Social Media Posts.

No social media strategy is cast in stone. All the outlined strategies are only guides to follow. You will never start if you wait for things to get perfect. 

Developing your brand on dovish media is a comtimies process. You keep testing to see what works and does not work. You count every feedback as vital to your brand growth. You iterate, learn and improve on areas lacking or even do more in areas you are doing well. With time, you will get to know how best  your social media strategy helps you stamp your brand authority – one of the 5 Social Media Tips That Can Transform Your Business 

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