7 Expert Branding Quotes and How to Leverage Them for Brand Growth

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Personal branding is all you do to establish your expert authority in the mind of your target audience. It gives you the opportunity to build emotional relationships that can drive meaningful engagements. Such engagement creates unique value for your audience and for you. Personal branding, therefore, drives a win-win outcome. It does not mean psychologically manipulating people but has a lot to do with authentic and genuine value creation. You cannot easily separate your personality from your purpose. Nobody will easily trust a bishop who is regularly in the midst of revelers every Friday at a popular joint in town. Many will argue that people have the right to live their lives as they wish but who would be comfortable discussing personal religious issues with such a priest. Imagine walking into your doctor’s office to see him in an afro haircut, clearly showing tattoos, heavy necklace chains, and speaking street language. Not a lifestyle to condemn, but definitely not the doctor many of us would want to see. Today, branding has become almost a buzzword. You will hear terms like brand strategy, brand purpose, branding, brand design, brand identity, brand experience, etc. Unless you are a branding expert, you may not need to have independent knowledge of all these terms to grow your brand. All the same, to leverage branding for business or professional growth, you need to have some form of contextual understanding to drive business growth. Below are a few quotes to help you better understand personal branding and how to leverage it for growth.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

— Simon Sinek Today’s consumer seeks to build relationships beyond just buying. The big brands today are the ones who have built a community of followers. These followers believe they share a common purpose. When Apple creates a sense of belonging for creatives, most creatives will feel missing out if not using the products. They believe in Apple’s ‘WHY’. So, if you want to grow your brand beyond just selling just enough stuff, you need to start with a well-defined purpose. Those who connect with your overall purpose- the reason you are in business, will form your tribe. They will buy and advocate for you.

We are CEOS of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. 

-Tom Peters

The most important brand as far as you are concerned is the YOU brand. Imagine what will happen to Dangote industries if we hear that Aliko Dangote- The President, has been indicted for slapping his girlfriend. Even though it happens in his personal life, the shares of Dangote industries will stumble overnight. Don’t neglect the ‘Me Inc’ while building your business brand. Corporations are built on the backbone of personal brands.


“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.” 

– Scott Stratten

Sometimes it is easy to focus on beating the competition. Meanwhile, experts advise that it is better to fight to beat yourself. Keep becoming better than you are. Keep breaking your records. Your goal is not to become like someone else but rather to become a better and better version of yourself. You will continue to beat the competition as you continue to be better and better at what you do.


“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” 

– Zig Ziglar

Building your personal brand is all about building trust. Telling people to come to you because of what you professionally know does not make much impact. Many will naturally gravitate towards you and even advocate for you when they trust you. It’s like when you have used a particular tailor who always delivers. He or she would not need much advertising. You will gladly tell your loved ones to go to this tailor to avoid disappointment. Friends and relatives may listen and like what you tell them but only those who trust you will actually commit their hard-earned money to do business with you.


“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

– Seth Godin

Your personal or business brand is not just your logo and design assets. All your digital assets play a role in defining your brand but your brand is a cumulation of all the touchpoint experiences of what you do or offer. 

Your brand will not convey a good story if you own a school with a beautiful structure but with unenthusiastic teachers. Your eyecare business brand will not be of good reputation if there is a renowned optometrist but a technician who won’t deliver on promises. Whatever business you do, your brand promise must match with your brand practice so as to give the ultimate brand experience.


“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.” 

— David Brier

No matter the amount of money AirPeace spends on advertising, no story will make more headlines than the lifting of Nigerians, free of charge from a crisis-ridden country. It could also be the other way round. If a life is lost on an airline due to some carelessness on the part of the airline, the story will sell itself. 

Your brand must be talked about. Either you create stories or the market will define the story of your brand. Drive your brand narrative with good services.


“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” 

– Steve Forbes

If branding is about reputation, relationships, experiences, trust, and all the emotional connections in business, what can demand more investment? 

Investing in your brand can not be put at a lower priority. You may start with a quick logo or even with none. You could start with a brand identity design. Starting without a deliberate effort to build a worthwhile reputation is a suicide mission. To drive business growth through an effective brand strategy is to focus on building meaningful and emotional relationships of trust and value.

In Conclusion 

These are branding quotes that can inspire you to take your brand to an awesome height. Remember to leverage them when building your brand and you will surely drive personal or business growth. Why you do what you do, how authentic you are in doing it, the trust and relationships you build go a long way in sparking sustainable brand growth.

You will be on the right path to building a great brand if you take some of this advice from great experts. These branding quotes above are the perfect starting point to finding your own way on the journey to building a successful brand. These listed expert branding quotes will be a great starting point as you begin to build an awesome brand.

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